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AAA (Adventist Agriculture Association) Convention—High Springs, FL—Jan 14-18, 2020
APC (Advance Postgraduate Convention) Convention—Loma Linda, CA—Mar 8-9, 2020
ASI (Adventist Services-Institutions) S. Union Convention—Gatlinburg, TN—Apr 9-12, 2020
CPF (CALLED Pastors Family Convention)—Louisville, KY—Jun 21-23, 2020
GCS (General Conference Session)—Indianapolis, IN—Jun 25-Jul 4, 2020
ASI (Adventist Services-Institutions) National Convention—Orlando, FL—Jul 29-Aug 1, 2020
SAC (Society of Adventist Communicators) Convention—Oak Brook, IL—Oct 15-17, 2020
EC3 (Southern Union Evangelism Conference)—Chattanooga, TN—Nov 1-4, 2020
PEL (Pastor, Evangelist, Leadership Council) Convention—Huntsville, AL—Dec 2020
GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) Convention—Columbus, OH—Dec/Jan 2021
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